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Welcome to Katharine McCallum's Page

About Katharine

Katharine Diane McCallumKatharine Diane McCallum was born on March 3rd, 1995 and is currently a proud student at the University of Mississippi. While she’s studying in Mississippi, she was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas on a llama farm with her family. A 2013 graduate of Trinity Valley School, Katharine won a Cum Laude recognition on the National Latin Exam in 2009. She also won a physics “Rubber Band Car” award in 2011, recognizing her as one of two students that year who successfully built a rubber band car.

Along with her educational accomplishments, Katharine Diane McCallum has led an active and full extracurricular life, focusing on her passions for both sports as well as helping others through her philanthropic works and participation in community service projects. Katharine’s number one passion in life, though, is dancing. She has danced both competitively and for pleasure since she was 2 years old. Competitively dancing now for over a decade, Katharine has participated in weeklong dancing-intensive programs taught by famous dancers in Los Angeles at the invitation of her studio. 

Along with her love of athletics, Katharine Diane McCallum is also passionate about philanthropy and helping others in need. Her family has started a foundation allowing her and her siblings to take an active role in donating money and helping organizations and people. She is the Vice-President of the McCallum Family Foundation and, along with the rest of her family, has taken the lessons of philanthropy to heart. Katharine was also a leading member of the Community Service Club while in high school and has used the experience she learned from planning trips, organizing service, and volunteer opportunities to its maximum potential while working with the McCallum Family Foundation.

Among some of Katharine’s other passions is her involvement on campus at the University of Mississippi. In Mississippi, Katharine is presented with many opportunities for outreach including a literacy carnival and a buddy system to help elementary students practice reading each day.


Ronald McDonald House

  • Baked for patients during Christmas.
  • Socialized with teens who were currently residing there.

Cook Children’s Hospital

  • Volunteered in the Home Health Department.
  • Shadowed doctors. Helped build braces and fit them to different children.

Immunization Collaboration

  • Helped organize the area used as a clinic to provide low cost immunizations to children.

Casa Mañana Theatre

  • Annual fundraising auction (Cash Bash).
  • Assisted the Chairwomen of the event. Designed and organized check-in binders, and set up silent auction stands.